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Questions without answers:

If you’ve ever been sick for an extended period of time, then you will probably be able to relate to this. Sometimes there are questions that don’t have answers, or at the very least, no one knows the answer.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of that recently.

One of the biggest questions that I’ve had, why am I having issues with blurry vision. As the months have gone by, the periods of blurry vision have become more and more frequent and longer lasting.

Of course, this makes everything more difficult, driving, reading, writing, working.

Initially, I thought I just needed a new prescription, but my opthamologist said there wasn’t any change, but my glasses were old, and I thought if I got anti-glare and tint that it would make it better. It didn’t.

I was sent to a neuro-opthamologist. He’s requesting more tests. There doesn’t seem to be any physical issue with my eyes.
I am glad that there isn’t anything physically wrong with them, but I also wish it was something simple, like cataracts. If they know what the problem is, then in most cases, they can fix it.

So, why is my vision getting worse? Why are the spells of blurriness lasting longer? What can I do to fix it? And more importantly, what is going to happen if there isn’t an answer to it?

I never expected any of this to happen. I never expected to be 36 years old with a brain injury, to be losing my vision, to have periods where I can’t control my movements, to not be able to remember appointments, have trouble reading, etc. Someone told me the other day, never assume that things can’t get any worse because they most certainly can.

I am grateful for the things that I can still do. I am disappointed over the things that I can’t, and I am hopeful that the things in the future will be better and not worse.

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