Hyponatremia and Central Pontine Myelinolysis

What is hyponatremia? Information regarding CPM and EPM.

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Immunoglobulins: A treatment option for CPM/EPM and brain injury.

IVIG, this is the term used for IV immunoglobulins. This is a product that is made up of condensed human antibodies.

Studies have shown that when you have a brain injury giving these antibodies, iv immunoglobulins, can reverse brain damage and minimize the impact of conditions like Central Pontine Myelinolysis and extra pontine myelinolysis.

It is an important and fairly inexpensive intervention with very few complications.

Immunoglobulins is condensed formula of human antibodies. Antibodies help to repair and fight off infections of all kinds.

They do not quite understand how these antibodies work. Your body should produce them on their own. My hypothesis is that when you suffer a sever brain injury, your body is unable to produce enough antibodies to fight the trauma on its own. Your body, when fighting infection and trauma, goes through a massive amount of nutrients…including, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin C. When you suffer an infection or trauma, these hormones and cornerstones of cellular function get depleted.

When you are hospitalized for infection or trauma, they neglect to supplement you for these vital components. You become depleted and your body can’t rally to do necessary repairs and build immune cells/antibodies.

No matter how the condition arises, the lack of your body to repair itself occurs. Immunoglobulins have been shown to be a safe and effective way of repairing brain injuries, and highly recommend if you suffer from ODS, aka CPM/EPM to request this treatment.

It has been shown effective in multiple studies to improve the medical outcome. It has not been used in late stages of injury, IE the sooner you use them the better the outcome.

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Finally, I’m back……

Hello All!

I hope you are still there and doing well. There has been such a LONG silence on this blog because my ex was able to receive emails every time I posted. When I last checked, I couldn’t remove people who were following my posts or receiving email updates. This created personal issues for me when I split from my ex. (Technically, we are still married. That’s a a bit of a story.) He was using my posts against me.

This made it impossible for me to continue writing. I just started a new blog, and I’m not quite sure if it’s linked to this one or not. It doesn’t matter though. Finally, they have given the option to remove followers, including my ex.

This leads to one of the most important aspects of having any kind of injury or long term illness. You can become a victim to gas lighting- amongst other forms of abuse. My ex was an expert at gas lighting. He would intentionally hide my belongings, tell me we had conversations that we never had. He would change my prescription meds, so I would potentially have an overdose.

How do I know these things happened?

A.) They stopped when I kicked him out.

B.) I kicked him out because I began recording conversations- both in writing and via voice recording. It was during one of our many fights, that he tried to say that he never said what he had, and I was able to play the conversation back. Instead of admitting that he was lying, he turned around and accused me of being crazy for recording him.

This is something that we, people with health issues, need to be conscious of. No, not everyone is out to get us. However, we are at a higher risk of being targeted. It’s quite similar to elderly abuse, where someone will come in and start manipulating elderly relatives- stealing from them, etc.

How do we prevent it?

Take notes. Make voice recordings of important conversations. Have a backup, outside friend or family member to watch over you.

I don’t think there are many people out there like my ex. However, it only takes one. The ones that tend to be this way usually are psychopaths or narcissists. They don’t listen to your wants to desires, but they focus on themself. They will try to isolate you and control your environment. They tend to say negative things about other people that you trust. If you find your social circle shrinking and they are taking more and more control, that’s a good indicator that you need to eliminate that person from your life.

I hope that helps. I will try to address more topics. It has been so long, that I won’t pretend that I remember everything I’ve written about CPM. Please forgive me if topics get repeated. If you notice, it please leave a comment, so I can change it.

Thank you for your continued loyalty.

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