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Hope on the horizon:

I am posting this before I lose track of it. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long. My mind and abilities have been absorbed by a new position at work. This new position has become most of everything that I am able to do. It takes up so much of mental and physical concentration that it leaves little ability for me to do anything else.

But this is a show that I watched tonight, and it shows the brain damage that basic MRI and CT scan imaging does not show. It shows the invisible injury that we have, that no one else can see. It begins to explain and give answers to, and hope for, what we are experiencing. Because in order to fix a problem, you must first acknowledge one exists.

This segment of 60 minutes shows that even those with minor concussions can and do experience brain injury that can explain the symptoms that we experience, like ongoing memory issues. It can show that we are NOT faking. We are not malingerers!

We do have ongoing issues from our brain injuries. Don’t lose hope! Answers are on the horizon.

The following link takes you to the 60 minutes segment that shows some of the new technology being used in the military to diagnose minor and traumatic brain injury after concussions. They are now detecting injuries that standard MRI and CT scans do not detect.


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